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TrustCloud QES
Qualified Electronic Signature

Identity verification and creation of digital certificates for qualified electronic signing.

The TrustCloud platform has developed a comprehensive video identification process for on-demand generation of digital certificates, aiming to conduct the ceremony of Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). This solution provides an efficient, fast, secure, and adaptable experience tailored to user needs.

TrustCloud QES step by step

TrustCloud QES is designed to streamline digital onboarding or contract closures, integrating the following elements into a single workflow:

Video Identification

The session captures images of the identity document and performs a facial biometric comparison, including life tests and deepfake detection, if necessary.

Video Identification

For the generation of the qualified digital certificate.

Generation of the digital certificate and signing ceremony

The signing process begins with the on-the-fly creation of the certificate, accepting the terms of use.

OTP via SMS or Email

To complete the certificate generation and document signing process, a one-time password (OTP) is sent to the user, enhancing the security of the process.

Signature completed with certificate

The signed document includes the Qualified Signature with the Digital Certificate, complying with all legal guarantees and security standards.

Qualified electronic signature

QES is a digital signature created using signals unique to the signatory, supported by a qualified digital certificate compliant with Regulation (EU) 910/2014 Art. 24.1d for electronic transactions in the European market and generated with a qualified signature creation device via a European CA.

This signature, which is covered by the eIDAS Regulation, provides the highest level of legal security. It has a legal validity equivalent to a handwritten signature. In disputes, it will be considered as evidence without the need for expert evidence.

Financial services around the world rely on QES in a wide variety of use cases, and its introduction as part of the onboarding process reliably confirms the identity of the signatory and protects both users and businesses against forgery or counterfeiting.

Issuance of qualified digital certificate

The process of issuing these certificates follows the guidelines of the eIDAS Regulation, ensuring high security and legal validity. Issued by accredited Trust Service Providers supervised by European authorities, these certificates allow for the unequivocal identification of the holder. In Spain, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation oversees these providers.



The certificate is immediately available to the user.


Adapted to regulations in different locations.

Fraud Prevention

Protection against theft and identity impersonation.


The certificate is immediately available to the user.


Adapted to regulations in different locations.


Protection against theft and identity impersonation.


Secure and legally binding signature that strengthens onboarding and contract closures.

QES: Applications and Use Cases

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is versatile, applicable in electronic banking, legal contracts, governmental procedures, healthcare, personnel hiring, real estate, distance education, and the legal sector.

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