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TrustCloud Pay

Digital transactions with electronic payment evidence

TrustCloud Pay is a cutting-edge cloud solution that revolutionises how organisations acquire and manage digital evidence and information from online transactions.

Focusing on improving trust, transparency, and security, TrustCloud Pay seamlessly integrates with our clients’ payment systems, encompassing in a single process: 

TrustCloud Pay Process

TrustCloud Pay

TrustCloud Pay seamlessly integrates with any existing digital infrastructure, connecting to payment gateways and identity verification systems, ensuring smooth interoperability

The platform’s flexibility allows for swift customisation to adapt to different security protocols, identity verification requirements, and payment processing standards. 

Data acquisition

The solution gathers digital identity evidence and data from payment gateways for each transaction, creating a comprehensive record.

Audit record creation

TrustCloud Pay generates an electronic audit record that logs all events and activities associated with the transaction. 


All transaction data is securely stored in TrustCloud Vault, protected by robust encryption protocols and security measures. 

Access and analysis

Authorised users can access and analyze transaction data, ensuring compliance, security, and transparency.


Trust and transparency

TrustCloud Pay fosters trust among stakeholders by offering transparent, verifiable, and traceable transactions. This transparency is crucial for building strong customer relationships and preventing fraud.


It simplifies compliance efforts by maintaining a comprehensive record of transactions and digital identity evidence. TrustCloud Pay helps organizations stay current with regulatory changes and requirements.

Dispute resolution

In cases of disputes or chargebacks, the electronic audit record provides irrefutable evidence, facilitating efficient dispute resolution and reducing associated costs.

Real-time analysis

Real-time monitoring of activities enables immediate detection of suspicious or unusual transactions. 


By automating the acquisition and storage of transaction-related data, TrustCloud Pay reduces manual efforts, saving time and operational costs. 

Use Cases

Financial services

Enhances fraud detection and aids banking, lending, and investment services in complying with strict regulations


Prevents chargebacks, protecting businesses and users against online fraud and improving customer satisfaction. 


Ensures the security and privacy of patient data in electronic health records. 


Maintains secure records for legal proceedings. 


Increases transparency in government transactions, reducing the risk of corruption.

Supply chain

Improves traceability and accountability in supply chain management. 


Electronic payments refer to any form of financial transaction conducted using electronic means rather than cash or any other physical medium. These payment methods are an integral part of the digital economy and have gained popularity due to their convenience, speed, and efficiency. 

Some common forms of electronic payment include debit and credit cards, electronic transfers, online payments through platforms like PayPal or Stripe, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), digital wallets, and proximity payments (NFC, Near Field Communication). 

Trust Service Providers (TSPs) are entities that provide secure electronic services, such as creating electronic signatures, time stamps, secure website authentication, among others. They are neutral entities that act as intermediaries in a transaction or agreement to ensure compliance with terms and protect the interests of the involved parties. A Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) is a TSP that meets certain additional criteria and standards defined by the eIDAS regulation. 

All assets and data generated in transactions with TrustCloud Pay are stored in our module, TrustCloud Vault. This module secures and protects all types of files in any format (audio, video, images, etc.) in a tamper-proof environment. Additionally, TrustCloud Pay issues a transaction completion certificate with corresponding timestamps, creating a unique record for each client. 
As a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) under the eIDAS regulation, TrustCloud can enable the burden of proof reversal. In case of a dispute regarding the authenticity of a digital asset, the service provides evidence to verify whether the presented content matches what is safeguarded by TrustCloud. 

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