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TrustCloud Identity Governance

Digitized management of powers of attorney and relations with notaries

The “traditional” powers of attorney management is often an arduous task that leads to confusion and errors in the legal departments. The lack of rigor and organization pushes the company to risk scenarios in compliance and legal security.

From illegitimate access to confidential information, to the abuse of concessions and authorizations, mismanagement of powers of attorney hampers a company’s day-to-day operations and can even damage its own financing and reputation. It is then necessary to have a strategic solution that allows for the optimal governance of corporate identity.

TrustCloud Identity Governance is a SaaS choreographer that facilitates the management and control of the power of attorney lifecycle, while automatically coordinating communications and appointments with notaries. With a unified, out-of-the-box integration model into the enterprise information systems, this solution provides highly accurate management and monitoring of your company’s identity governance, while preserving and safeguarding all data and evidence involved.

With a very simple and intuitive user experience for any employee, TrustCloud Identity Governance enhances the power of attorney management:

  • Centralizes, automates and connects the processes of request, creation, modification and follow-up of powers of attorney, as well as revocations.
  • Monitors the life cycle of powers of attorney.
  • Standardizes the powers to generate a better hierarchy in the structure of attorneys-in-fact.
  • Automatically coordinates the management of the appointment with the notary and the delivery of deeds’ digital copies.
  • Quickly compares the digital copy of the power of attorney with the existing data in the deed application.
  • Preserves qualified anti-repudiation evidence. The use of TrustCloud qualified conservation trust service gives the records the maximum legal guarantee offered by the eIDAS for Evidence.

TrustCloud Identity Governance is a LegalTech and RegTech technology that allows companies to regain control of their donors and attorneys-in-fact, so that the entity has a better management and legal certainty regarding its corporate identity, its legal representatives and other aspects of compliance and regulatory control.

Digital trust

The TrustCloud electronic custody service is a powerful tool for digitally attesting the evidence related to the activities, documentation, data and human resources of the management of powers of attorney.

The TrustCloud Quantum Vault service collects this evidence through its 3I technology, guaranteeing the identity, integrity and intentionality in the workflows of the donors and attorneys-in-fact, providing digital proof of what is happening as a Trusted Third Party.

Our advanced technology allows us to guarantee the authenticity of any digital asset, blocking it from possible future tampering, and guaranteeing the integrity of those assets as well.

TrustCloud Quantum Vault thus allows you to provide a qualified conservation of all your digital assets, which need to comply with a specific regulation, guaranteeing their legal compliance and security with TrustCloud as a Trusted Third Party or Qualified Trust Service Provider.


How is a corporate identity governed?

In practice, the identity of any company is shaped by its board of directors, its members and its attorneys-in-fact. The attorneys-in-fact have the “power” to represent or act on the company’s behalf in legal affairs, as if they themselves were the “voice” and image of the company in such events. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a proper management of powers of attorney in order to plan, direct and supervise at all times who acts as attorney, what powers he/she has and what affairs are they undertaking.

What are the benefits of digitizing the powers of attorney management?

The digitization of the powers of attorney management generates more strategic, controllable, efficient, agile and orderly workflows in the legal departments:

  • Integrates and automates all the processes of powers of attorney management, making them more efficient
  • Total tracking of the use of powers, generating greater control and legal certainty for the company
  • Helps to homogenize and classify the powers before any notary, creating a better organization of who the attorneys-in-fact are and what they are capable of doing
  • Streamlines and makes procedures with notaries more flexible, such as face-to-face appointments and the sharing of deeds
  • Records, codes and centralizes deeds for complete and immediate traceability
  • Greater control and precision in the consultation, search, filtering and classification of attorneys and donors
  • It offers an intelligent dashboard for global control of KPIs
  • Generalized savings in time, workload, and resources (paper)

Can relationships with the notary be digitized?

Not all transactions with notaries can be digital by law, such as the signing of deeds. However, our solution does integrate notaries in the workflows to optimize the relations with them:

  • Registers the profile of the notaries to monitor the deeds processed with each one of them
  • Allows the notary to have remote control over deeds from the same platform
  • Automates the management of face-to-face appointments and the notary’s feedback, being able to create, modify and cancel it quickly
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