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TrustCloud ITL

Choreographer of identity transformation

TrustCloud ITL is an identity transformation library that acts as an intermediary and enables applications to communicate among themselves. To do so, it performs token transformations in its different formats.

TrustCloud ITL Orchestrator of identity transformation


Enables communication between different applications and sites by translating tokens into a compatible format (SAML, OIDC, Social Sign-in, etc.) that can be used in all of them.

TrustCloud ITL Orchestrator of identity transformation


By avoiding the need to program all possible accesses from all sites, it simplifies integration with new applications.

TrustCloud ITL Orchestrator of identity transformation


TrustCloud ITL is specifically focused on token-based identification processes (as opposed to common username/password methods), making it stand out from any other identity choreographer.

Social networks or identity management applications benefit from TrustCloud ITL, a module that works in the background, weaving seamless connections.

When a user logs into an application using TrustCloud ITL, the platform verifies his identity and generates an access token. If the logged-in application is integrated with other applications, this token is used to automatically recognize the user in all of them.

Companies or banks that work with their own applications

Thanks to TrustCloud ITL, it will not be necessary for an employee accessing an internal tool to again log into other applications related to his company, such as a digital signature application. The access token generated at the first login will be automatically recognized in the signature application, allowing the user to access his/her functions without the need to log in repeatedly.

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