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TrustCloud Age Verification

Easy and safe age verification for the purchase of products and services

Certain services, especially those related to the online gambling and gaming industry, set age limits that differ from one territory to another. This is also the case for some products such as alcohol.

Document or biometric identification

TrustCloud, through its different forms of document or biometric identification, verifies the user’s age before accessing the service or purchasing the product.

The TrustCloud certified video identification platform is thus aligned with current legislation on the promotion and access to sensitive products and services.

Verification process of the user’s age and origin

Particularly in the case of minors, major consumers of online games. A rigorous and effective verification process of the user’s age and origin is essential when they wish to access the premium content offered by these programs at certain stages. The TrustCloud platform also ensures that the user is not able to open an account on social media if the minimum age requirements are not met in the different countries.

Use case: Age Verification with TrustCloud
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