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TrustCloud Client Onboarding B2B

Opening of bank accounts for companies
100% digital

To complete a 100% digital onboarding especially focused on companies, TrustCloud provides financial institutions and companies of all types, with the most complete identification and verification technology, for both users and certificates.

Secure environment

The process automation together with the application of TrustCloud unique AICR document processing technology, creates a secure environment for all transactions involved in Client Onboarding B2B. Extensive analysis of Know Your Business (KYB), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the study of numerous international databases to determine the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), are the foundation for the relationship with the client.

Rigorous security and compliance standards

Risk reports and the custody of all digital documentation generated with the most rigorous security and compliance standards, assure the success of this specific type of onboarding procedure.

With solutions aimed at Client Onboarding B2B, TrustCloud focuses on the relationship between corporations, from a scalable perspective, enabling the making of trusted environments.

Use case: Client Onboarding B2B with TrustCloud
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