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TrustCloud Inclusive Onboarding

Video assistance in sign language

TrustCloud Assisted VideoID includes a specific module to help people with disabilities open a bank account.

The Inclusive Onboarding service is especially focused on users with hard of hearing. Thus, the TrustCloud platform makes available to its customers a team of agents specialized in sign language that provides the necessary assistance throughout the onboarding process.

Sign language is not only used as communication

Sign language is not only used as communication medium for those with hard of hearing; its use is also widespread to those with learning difficulties or speech pathologies.

Fast and smooth

TrustCloud agents’ guidance using sign language humanizes the experience of a group that often encounters barriers in certain day-to-day processes, and it is a tool to help build strong relationships between banks and users, from the very beginning.

The onboarding process becomes not only accessible, but also as fast and smooth as it would be for any other person. A firm and respectful commitment to the inclusion of all realities in the digital ecosystem.

Use Case: Inclusive Onboarding with TrustCloud
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