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Use Cases

Through TrustCloud’s choreography, businesses across all sectors can effectively address critical concerns such as high fraud levels, supplier relationship rigidity (lock-in), adaptation to the regulatory landscape, and complexity in custody management and process traceability. We also handle the shifting of the burden of proof and enhance user experience by eliminating technical frictions from solutions.

We fight fraud with cutting-edge and versatile technology, suitable for operating in various use cases.

Age Verification

TrustCloud, through its different forms of document or biometric identification, verifies the user’s age before accessing the service or purchasing the product.

Corporate Onboarding

100% digital onboarding focused on companies, TrustCloud provides financial institutions and companies of all types, with the most complete identification and verification technology, for both users and certificates.

Customer Onboarding

Its nature as integral solutions or end-to-end to perform all the digital transactions involved in the onboarding processes, TrustCloud reduces to less than 10 minutes the time of this critical process.

Employee Onboarding

TrustCloud secures the identity verification process for new employees and ussures its clients that the person about to join the team is who they say they are.

Inclusive Onboarding

TrustCloud agents’ guidance using sign language humanizes the experience of a group that often encounters barriers in certain day-to-day processes, and it is a tool to help build strong relationships between banks and users.

No one left behind

All TrustCloud products and solutions are focused on building close digital strategies that understand and solve users’ problems while respecting their rights and privacy.

Online Isurance acquisition

Integrate in a single process the verification of the user’s identity and the signing of the insurance policy.

Patient identification and verification

VideoID implements different layers of authentication and manages the gateway to the various digital services offered by the healthcare provider, ensuring complete data privacy

Senior Banking

Senior clients connect with real managers to complete and sign any transaction online through a very easy-to-use video assistance system.

HelpMe Button

(Reduction of Abandonment)

Transform an automated onboarding process into one assisted by a real-time fraud expert, intended for users experiencing difficulties at any point in the unassisted process.

Vendor Lock-in

As the first choreographer for secure digital transactions in the market, TrustCloud, offers a unique advantage by allowing businesses to integrate different systems and components seamlessly mantaining maximum flexibility.

Video Banking

The whole process is recorded and guarded, so the bank has all the necessary evidence to prove that the connection was established at a specific time, as well as the identity, integrity, intentionality and authenticity of its content.

If you are looking for a secure bank of digital assets that also choreographs all the digital transactions that it creates, we are a great ally for your digital transformation processes:

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