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No One Left Behind

TrustCloud’s commitment to inclusion at all levels

We lead the change towards an inclusive technological future. The No One Left Behind initiative reflects TrustCloud’s strong commitment to universal accessibility in digital transactions.

Our project is conceived with the vision of incorporating all kinds of people into the digital revolution, from highly digitized profiles to those who have never approached a bank’s mobile application.
With a proactive, customer-centric design approach, TrustCloud is committed to ensuring that every user, regardless of their technological abilities, can navigate and complete processes within the platform. Effortlessly.
Accessibility is not simply an additional feature, but a design principle that drives every aspect of the No One Left Behind initiative. TrustCloud minimizes abandonment, ensuring that no one is excluded from full participation in digital transactions.

Technological humanism

No One Left Behind is a reflection of the values that define the TrustCloud brand, with the principles of Technological Humanism as its standard:

  • Revolutionizing technology by prioritizing customers and users, who give meaning to each innovation.
  • Combining technology and human connection to make people’s everyday lives simpler and more accessible.

How we do it

No One Left Behind is made possible by TrustCloud’s platform, which offers its customers a carefully designed set of features that encompass all realities and needs.

Assisted video identification

Personalized assistance for account opening and onboarding. We have a team of fraud experts who guide operations step by step, without time limits.

Translation chat

We break communication barriers with a chat service that enables real-time translation of conversations between agents and users in over 30 languages.

HelpMe button

In unassisted or automated video identifications, we have implemented a button that, with just one click, transfers the process to assisted mode. Especially designed for those who encounter difficulties at any point during onboarding (excessive information, privacy concerns, etc.)

Audio assistance

Audio support for non-native speakers, in over 200 languages.

Sign language assistance

We have agents specialized in sign language to make technology accessible to people with hearing or speech impairments.

Senior banking

Tailored services to help seniors easily access their banking services, with easily accessible video assistance without the need to enter passwords.

Compliance with WCAG standards

Maximum level of compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG); guidelines designed to ensure that web content is accessible to all individuals. They are based on four principles: perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

Underbanked onboarding

Specialized support for individuals with limited access to banking services.

Human centered principles

All TrustCloud products and solutions are focused on building close digital strategies that understand and solve users’ problems while respecting their rights and privacy.
Furthermore, we advocate for intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use designs that provide autonomy and independence. Technology designed so that no one feels isolated or lost in the execution of digital transactions.
No One Left Behind equals commitment to the development of personalized technologies that adapt to changes and constitute a true empowerment tool.
Human centered principles

Social revolution

We believe in No Left One Behind as the catalyst for an entire social movement in which technology emerges to encourage everyone to come together for greater inclusivity.
We break down barriers to open up opportunities and connect people without differences in environment, digital culture, age, mobility, or communication being a problem.
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