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TrustCloud VideoCert

Assisted and non-assisted video identification for obtaining, managing and issuing qualified certificates

TrustCloud VideoCert is a specialized video identification service, by which we can remotely validate the identity of people interested in obtaining a qualified certificate to complete their online procedures with the Public Administration.

Users are accurately identified through TrustCloud VideoCert for their digital certificates, being guided at all times by the application itself in the non-assisted mode. In the assisted mode, the video agents will interact personally through the platform, to help and guide users through the entire process of the video identification, and then issue them with a qualified certificate, without having to go to any Certification Authority (CA) office to do so.

Digital certificates in just a few minutes

At TrustCloud we want to promote the usefulness and advantages of electronic identification, and for this reason we have a comprehensive cloud of secure solutions on eID.

With TrustCloud VideoCert you can obtain a qualified certificate in an agile, comfortable and secure way, from home and without having to go to the Public Administration. We offer you the most advanced technology in video identification, as well as a large team of professional video agents, to simplify and digitize the prior identification protocol required by law to obtain a qualified certificate.

Regulatory framework

The situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis pushed the Spanish Government to approve exceptional measures to reduce the socio-economic impact of the pandemic, as well as to ensure the continuity of public services during the confinement. Among the measures approved, the Royal Decree-Law 11/2020 of March 31st, established in 2020, allowed Certificate Authorities (CA – Certificate Authorities) to assign qualified certificates remotely, digitizing the previous identification protocol thanks to certified video-identification solutions.

Thus, citizens and companies could obtain this digital document telematically to continue completing their online procedures with the Public Administrations. However, this measure would only be in force until the end of the State of Alarm and the total confinement of the population, so the relaxation of the restrictions meant a return to face-to-face identification as the only way to obtain a qualified certificate.

However, and after discovering the multiple advantages of video identification, the Government would approve a year later, in May 2021, Order ETD/465/2021, which made official the use of video identification for processing qualified certificates, as an alternative to face-to-face identification.

In this new scenario, Certification Authorities require a robust solution accredited by the Government, which not only allows the video identification process, but also provides the necessary legal guarantees and evidence to prevent any attempt of fraud such as spoofing.

Unprecedented features

TrustCloud VideoCert is a secure platform for video identification and digital certificate generation, which allows to collect all evidence of the applicant’s identity and to use various verification tools to validate the documentation provided during the process and the complete identity of the user, and then to issue the digital certificate in just a few minutes.

Key features of TrustCloud VideoCert include:

  • Users’ geolocation.
  • Live presentation of documents.
  • Instant signature of the contract with the RA or Brandddocs Registration Authority.
  • Identification with agents exclusively trained for this process.
  • Control over the device to speed up the process and make it reach any individual, especially the less technologically advanced population.
  • Evidence collection, greater than in person (video, documents, selfie, even verification of the authenticity of the document with TrustCloud DocumentID).
  • Video and audio recording of the whole process in compliance with SEPBLAC regulations.

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