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Forging the future of digital transactions: insights and innovations from Momentum24

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TrustCloud | TrustCloud attends Momentum24 by DocuSign in New York, the world's foremost event for agreement transformation.

After an insightful day at DocuSign’s Partners Day, our CEO, Saioa Echebarria, and Channel Partner Director, Frank Reboiras, were thrilled to participate in DocuSign’s Momentum24 in New York.


his gathering was more than just an event; it was a revelation of the innovations set to redefine the digital transactions and agreements landscape. The day highlighted the latest in digital agreement technologies, underscoring our evolution as leaders in secure digital transactions, in partnership with DocuSign. 

The keynote and detailed sessions offered a wealth of insights that were immensely beneficial. Allan Thygesen, DocuSign’s CEO, delivered a visionary speech emphasizing innovation’s pivotal role in the future of secure digital transactions. This, coupled with Reese Witherspoon’s engaging discussion on the synergy between creativity and technology, provided a well-rounded view of DocuSign’s strategic direction. Beyond these highlights, a series of compelling conferences unfolded throughout the day, each presenting unique perspectives and valuable insights into various aspects of digital innovation and security. These sessions enriched our understanding and underscored the diversity of thought leadership within the DocuSign ecosystem. 

The conference was a source of actionable insights, propelling us to refine our DocuSign integration and operational processes. It highlighted how leveraging advanced technologies could open new growth opportunities and enhance our service offerings. Momentum24 served as a significant marker in our partnership with DocuSign, demonstrating the dynamic interplay between creativity and technology. This synergy is key to meeting and anticipating our clients’ needs for secure transactions. Inspired by the conference’s focus on innovation, we’re motivated to improve our digital collaboration and efficiency. Attending DocuSign’s NYC conference was an invaluable experience, perfectly positioning us for future digital transformation initiatives. 

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