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HelpMe button: the solution that rescues customers with a single click

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TrustCloud | HelpMe button: the solution that rescues customers with a single click

Despite the progress made, digital onboarding can prove challenging for some users. The TrustCloud VideoID Help Me button enables a dedicated agent to assist them at the most critical time to complete the onboarding process.

TrustCloud VideoID: two modes of operation tailored to suit all types of users 


rustCloud, through VideoID, its video identification solution, offers two modes of service: assisted and unassisted. 

Assisted VideoID provides the user with a team of fraud experts who carry out the identification process through a real-time video call. Assisted VideoID provides the most human but also the safest experience, in a private environment that can also be customized with the corporate image of each company. TrustCloud VideoID offers a chat service that enables real-time translation of the conversation between agent and user in more than 30 languages, allowing companies to offer their services in any location. 

For more digitally savvy users who prefer to complete an onboarding or account opening process on their own, VideoID offers the unassisted mode. In this case, the platform provides a step-by-step guide on the screen for the customer to carry out the procedure at their own pace and at any time. Unassisted VideoID has the advantage of being available 24 hours and granting total autonomy to the customer. This automated process will save time and money for the company, with the added benefit of being able to switch to assisted video identification mode for those users who need the help of an expert agent to complete their onboarding process. 

In both options, various layers of security are combined to achieve the most robust and flexible video identification experience, as each organization can choose which layers to apply. This way, you can design simple or maximally reinforced identification strategies. Contact one of our experts and increase the conversion rate. 

Common difficulties with automated digital onboarding 

Automated or unassisted procedures can also present difficulties, even for the most prepared user. Customers may face challenges that cause them to abandon the journey. These include:  

  • Technical errors (document upload system blockages, OCR failures, etc.) 
  • Questions or doubts regarding security or privacy within the platform. 
  • Confusing information. 
  • Lack of support or difficulties in accessing it. 
  • Too much time required to complete the operation. 
  • Not a very intuitive site, requiring many clicks or scrolling. 

These issues cause many people to interrupt the onboarding process, preventing them from becoming actual customers.

Minimize abandonment rate with easy-to-implement solutions 

TrustCloud has considered this high percentage of abandonment in digital onboarding and has incorporated the HelpMe button into its VideoID solution. 

HelpMe is an easy-to-use function, compatible with company systems, that helps rescue a customer who is on the verge of leaving. Contact our digital identification specialists and learn how the HelpMe button corrects the abandonment rate and increases conversions. 

Imagine someone on a neobank’s website, completing a form or digitally providing the required documentation to identify themself and open an account. The user is unsure about how to capture the image of their ID document or, when doing so, the page returns an error and there is no immediate support to resolve the issue. Abruptly interrupting the operation by leaving the page will cause a potential customer to be lost. Furthermore, the user will get a negative impression of the company and may not consider it for acquiring a financial product in the future. 

When companies have a resource like HelpMe, the dire consequences of these digital onboarding failures don’t take place. 

The HelpMe button is placed in a visible spot on the screen. The user only has to click on it once and is redirected to TrustCloud’s video center, where a fraud expert will guide them step by step. If this weren’t enough, VideoID incorporates the functionality of switching between processes, meaning that if the user wants to finish the operation unassisted, they can easily and quikcly switch back. 

Companies, banks, or fintechs just need to add the HelpMe icon to their onboarding process, and if the user is lost, TrustCloud will take care of the rest. It’s the most precise help at the most critical moment, with the least friction and the maximum fluidity. 

Technological humanism applied to everyday life 

The HelpMe button is designed to simplify people’s lives. It is humanistic technology with a multitude of benefits: 

  • Speed and efficiency: Access to personalized assistance to complete the onboarding process with just one click. 
  • Guaranteed security: All interactions comply with the strictest regulatory standards, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of customer data. 
  • Intuitive: The HelpMe button is strategically located in the interface of the bank or company, facilitating access. 
  • One-on-one experience: The user communicates directly with an expert advisor, providing trust and closeness. 
  • Convenience: HelpMe eliminates the need for travel and repetitive procedures. 
  • Reputation reinforcement: Rescuing a customer with empathy and speed contributes to a positive impression of the company, strengthening the brand image and boosting customer loyalty. 
  • Assistance at a crucial moment: HelpMe is activated when the customer is about to leave, providing the necessary help at exactly the right time. 
  • Smooth transition: The solution seamlessly integrates with the tools of companies, this way the customer doesn’t feel like they’re exiting the service. 
  • Inclusivity: Help is offered in more than 30 different languages, including sign language. In addition, there is a real-time chat that translates the conversation into the desired language to ease communication. 
  • Trust: Increases trust in digital services. 
  • Image and values: Strengthens the brand image. 
  • Precision: HelpMe only acts in relevant cases, without being intrusive to the customer. 
  • User experience: Provides a positive experience, where users don’t lose the sense of being in control. 
  • Retention: Corrects the abandonment rate and increases customer conversion. 

Learn how the HelpMe button can help you streamline onboarding and avoid financial losses by contacting us here.

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