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Dutch insurance industry switches to “eHerkenning” [e-recognition]

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The Netherlands is the first country to replace the electronic ID card for contact with government agencies

The electronic ID has been used as a tool for the verification of digital exchanges between companies and organisations. However, in the Netherlands they have taken a major leap forward, implementing the public-private login system known as eHerkenning, based on the standardised login that organisations can use to make their services securely accessible online.   

With the authorisation of the European Union, eHerkenning, for use by businesses, regulates digital recognition and verifies the digital authority of someone who wants to buy a service online. After the Netherlands, it will be the rest of the countries that will switch to this new transactional method.  

In the case of Spain, we can see how the ways of certifying and validating legal documents electronically in the insurance sector, for example, have become established thanks to the advantages of the digital certificate and the electronic signature.   

On the one hand, we have economic advantages, it allows us to save time and money, as we save on paper, offices and administration; we have gained in security and integrity, the documents with certification or digital signature cannot be manipulated or altered, as the digital protection systems are very reliable and effective; finally, we gain in freedom of schedule and agility of the processes. Appointments and travel are a thing of the past. Procedures can now be carried out at any time, immediately and from any device with an Internet connection. And the fact that an electronic ID card is not required means that there is no need to rely on a hardware or NFC device to validate the user.  

Technological advances never rest and both companies and their customers will have to be open to all kinds of changes, such as the more than possible arrival of the eHerkennig, which the Dutch can already enjoy. Let’s keep an eye on how it evolves.  

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