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Inclusive Onboarding. Agents specialized in sign language

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TrustCloud is a good example of how technology is able to reach out to the hearing impaired during their onboarding process, with a service designed to provide video assistance to those who communicate through sign language.


echnology takes on its full meaning when it leaves no one behind, regardless of their age or capabilities. As reflected in Adecco’s latest report on disability and new technologies1, 91% of people with disabilities use a cell phone, but if we look at their use of the Internet, the percentage drops to 30%. This shows us that the digital divide in this group is still quite extensive.

For people who are deaf or profoundly hard of hearing and communicate through sign language, TrustCloud’ new support mode in its service portfolio is fantastically useful. TrustCloud VideoID Assisted includes a specific module to help them open a bank account. In Europe, around 2 million people use sign language, with more than 100,000 in Spain alone. The TrustCloud platform offers its customers a team of agents specialized in sign language who provide the necessary assistance during the entire process of incorporation into the entity.

Let it be noted that sign language serves as a means of communication not only for people with hearing impairments; its use is also widespread among those with learning difficulties or speech pathologies. All of them can benefit from the TrustCloud solution.

Humanistic technology

The supervision of TrustCloud agents through sign language humanizes the experience of a group who is often faced with barriers in certain day-to-day procedures, and is a tool to help build strong and emotional relationships between banks and users, from the very beginning.

The onboarding process becomes not only accessible, but also as fast and fluid as it would be for any other person. A firm and respectful commitment to the inclusion of all realities in the digital ecosystem.


1 Technology and disability report | Adecco. July 2022

Inclusive Onboarding. Agents specialized in sign language
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