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Video identification: transforming gaming for an authentic and secure experience

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TrustCloud | Video identification: transforming gaming for an authentic and secure experience

Video identification technology serves not only as a barrier against fraudulent practices but also redefines the gaming space and how players interact with each other improving user experience. 


t’s increasingly common to find everyday processes assisted by video identification. While banking stands out as the clearest example, with video identifications tailored to customer onboarding and account opening, many other sectors rely on these solutions to enhance their offerings and increase security. This holds true for the gaming sector, an ever-expanding industry that has found enormous potential in online modalities. 

Agile video identifications against smurfing 

Smurfing, also known as alt accounts or secondary account syndrome, is a practice where skilled players create new accounts with low levels to face less experienced opponents. Although initially seemingly harmless, smurfing disrupts competition, frustrates less skilled players, and compromises the integrity of the gaming experience. Uncontrolled smurfing causes users affected to abandon the game, resulting in significant economic losses in the sector. Video identification solutions like TrustCloud VideoID, implemented at each phase, prevent this strategy from distorting the online gaming experience. 

  •  Identity verification in onboarding. One of the most direct applications of video identification solutions is in the registration process. By requiring players to verify their identity through facial recognition or a verifiable identity credential like a phone number or email address, the probability of fraudulent account creation is significantly reduced. This establishes an initial obstacle to smurfing, making the mass creation of secondary accounts more challenging. 
  •  Detection of anomalous gameplay patterns. Video identification could be part of gameplay pattern monitoring processes to detect unusual or suspicious behaviors. If an experienced player attempts to disguise themselves under a lower-level profile, administrators could intervene and verify the identity immediately, discouraging smurfing before it affects other players’ experiences. Request a free demo now and discover how TrustCloud VideoID prevents smurfing with maximum security. Request a free demo now and avoid smurfing. 

Mitigating identity frauds for an authentic gaming experience 

Frauds in the gaming sector go beyond smurfing. Video identification solutions, with their ability to securely and efficiently authenticate users, incorporating, for example, real-time Artificial Intelligence advantages, form a barrier against activities such as: 

  • Fraudulent transactions. In games involving monetary transactions, authentication through video identification provides an additional layer of security. Players can make purchases with greater confidence, knowing that their identity is backed by robust verification measures that cross financial information with other personal data. 
  • Deepfakes. The evolution of deepfake fraud and its multifaceted nature pose one of the greatest challenges to video identifications. In the gaming sector, it becomes a channel for creating fake accounts, deceptive interactions, or manipulated live streams. TrustCloud VideoID incorporates real-time deepfake detection through highly trained AI models. Discover how VideoID combats deepfakes with advanced methods. Contact one of our experts now. 
  • False accounts. By requiring user identity verification through various security layers (document analysis, facial recognition, or proof of life), which, in the case of TrustCloud VideoID, are configurable and adaptable to client needs, video identification becomes a robust defense against users hiding behind fake accounts. 

The adoption of these solutions not only benefits game developers and platforms but also enhances the player experience by ensuring a fair, competitive, and protected environment. 

Reliable age verification of players 

Ensuring that minors do not access inappropriate games and respecting legal limits in each territory requires game technology developers to have a strong social commitment and a deep understanding of legal frameworks. 

Correct age verification through live video calls will impact the positive image of gaming companies and also help direct advertising to the appropriate target audience. Therefore, it will have optimal repercussions at the profitability level. 

To achieve anti-fraud solutions by bringing new experiences to the gaming sector

Online games have evolved into an industry offering a multitude of different experiences. Powerful video identification, in addition to addressing needs such as fraud prevention or regulatory compliance, actively participates in building an ethical and protective gaming environment with participant communities. 

  • Live events. These events encompass various activities involving real-time player participation, either in person or through streaming platforms like Twitch or Youtube: from competitions and tournaments to presentations of new games or expansions, discussions with developers, and live tutorials. These live events not only provide entertainment but also strengthen the connection between developers and the gaming community, allowing active participation and a more immersive experience. Implementing solutions like TrustCloud VideoID at gaming event entrances ensures that participants are who they claim to be, avoiding situations such as the entry of unauthorized players or participation under false identities. 
  • Prevention of toxic behavior. Video identification can also be a key element in the fight against toxic behavior in gaming, as robust authentication allows tracking behavior linked to the player’s identity. Developers can establish zero-tolerance policies against harassment, offensive language, or any other form of harmful behavior. The threat of being identified and facing real consequences is a deterrent for players engaging in harmful behaviors, creating a healthier gaming environment. 
  • New applications. The gaming industry can explore new creative ways to use video identification. For example, avatar customization based on the player’s real identity or the integration of video identification into virtual reality gaming experiences are areas that could offer additional benefits for both creators and players. 

Request information and explore the possibilities of TrustCloud VideoID in the gaming sector avoiding fraud

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