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Assisted VideoID: the most powerful video identification conducted by fraud experts

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TrustCloud | Assisted VideoID: the most powerful video identification conducted by fraud experts

VideoID’s assisted mode includes personalized attention from a video agent with expertise in digital identity and fraud, dramatically increasing session security and improving the experience for even the most technologically challenged customers. 


rustcloud’s VideoID technology provides the most agile and secure video identification on the market, with multiple applications for any sector that needs to carry out robust identifications that respect consumer privacy (banking, insurance, education, health, etc.).  

In its assisted mode, it is a comprehensive solution that enhances digital onboarding processes, reducing high abandonment rates, mitigating fraud and identity theft as well as strengthening interactions between users and companies. TrustCloud includes ongoing enhancements to VideoId, such as the HelpMe button, an easy-to-access option to transform automated onboarding into assisted onboarding in an instant. Request a demo here and get more effective onboarding right away. 

Our solution provides a completely human experience with end-to-end support, from a single platform and with a variety of configurable options, so that each company can tailor the service to their own needs and use cases.  

Secure, intuitive and seamless   

VideoID assisted operation is designed to be as intuitive as possible for the user to complete identification. 

The process begins when the customer establishes a connection via a private link, a mobile app or a website. From that moment on, the video call is initiated, the user is asked for consent and the entire activity, both audio and video, is recorded 

The customer shows both sides of their official identity document to the camera, and our high-quality system analyses all security elements in the ID. Its authenticity is verified, guaranteeing its validity and preventing possible fraud attempts.   

The user’s face is compared in real time with the photo on the document thanks to Facematch biometric technology. 

Different layers of security are added as required. We combine various methods, such as requesting additional personal information, two-factor authentication (2FA), sending OTP (one time password) via SMS, detecting deepfakes or active or passive liveness tests to check that the customer is currently in front of the screen. These measures significantly minimize the chances of identity theft.   

The integration of manual tools with artificial intelligence, together with optical character recognition (AICR), enables the detection of suspicious patterns and behaviors, also improving fraud detection and ensuring the robustness of the service.  

Once video identification is complete, we securely store all records, including evidence and digital assets generated, using physical and cryptographic measures in our cloud architecture, TrustCloud Vault. 

The strengths of assisted VideoID  

VideoID completes identifications in less than 3 minutes, achieving the highest conversion rates. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, our assisted mode presents an outstanding set of advantages. See how VideoID prevents customer loss by contacting our experts 

  • Compliance: The process adapts to all cybersecurity, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations worldwide, ensuring compliance with the most stringent and up-to-date legal and regulatory requirements.   
  • Back office: TrustCloud VideoID has a dedicated back-office team to validate the evidence and results obtained during the process, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the information collected. 
  • Customer friendly: Provides a more human and personalized experience at all times, with dedicated identity fraud experts who guide the customer step-by-step, with no time limits. 
  • Agility: Enables efficient resolution of incidents in a reliable and operational manner, ensuring a smooth customer experience.  
  • Accessibility: Offers full access for people less familiar with digital technology, ensuring that all users benefit from the service.  
  • Inclusion: It is available in several languages, including sign language, promoting the inclusion of users with different linguistic needs or abilities.  
  • Security: Live monitoring of the entire process the client carries out, ensuring a maximum level of security and privacy in identification.  
  • 24/7 availability: The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing flexibility and convenience for users at any time.  
  • Layers of authentication: Offers strong authentication controls, with the ability for the agent to approve or disapprove identification. 
  • No downloads or installations: No additional downloads of applications or plugins are required, thus avoiding technical issues as well as simplifying and speeding up the process.  
  • Compatibility: VideoID is accessible from any type of device with Internet access and a camera.  
  • Convenience: It allows the procedure to be completed in a single session, without the need to physically travel from the office or home, saving time and resources.   

Innovations that transform the onboarding experience 

TrustCloud has been able to spot certain common gaps in digital identification services and anticipate the real needs of customers. As a result of its constant work, it has provided VideoID assisted with very useful functionalities that make this technological solution a much stronger and more competitive product. 

  • HelpMe: The HelpMe button is the TrustCloud tool that converts an automatic onboarding into an assisted onboarding in just seconds, recovering a user who is about to abandon the process. HelpMe is placed on the screen in a non-invasive way. Customers who experience difficulties during the automated procedure can click on this button and will be redirected to our video center, where a specialist will guide them step by step to complete the registration, with all the guarantees of VideoID.   
  • Real-time chat: VideoID assisted is equipped with a chat, available in more than 30 languages, making communication during the video call easier between the agent and the user.   
  • Virtual Background: In onboarding procedures assisted by our experts, companies can customize the background with their corporate image, creating a virtual space that conveys security and trust. It can even be adapted to each use case. With Virtual Background, customers will have a close and flexible experience, which will generate long-term loyalty and higher conversion rates. 

VideoID assisted improves customer registration processes in compliance with the most demanding regulatory frameworks. It corrects the abandonment rate thanks to the exclusive HelpMe button, with a direct impact on the company’s finances. It adapts to any onboarding process in both the public and private sector, resulting in a strategy that combines proximity with cutting-edge technology.   

Increase conversions with the most agile and qualified video identification. Ask for personalized advice from one of our experts.  

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