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TrustCloud Transactional Room, the secure video transaction platform

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The consolidation of 100% online companies involves turning digital transactions into a humanized “smart videocall” process, without compromising the necessary security and trust in the Internet


Comfort, independence and efficiency at your fingertips. The advantages of the “smartphone era” have made themselves felt with the irruption of confinements. However, many people begin to weigh up the other side of the coin: Where is the human touch and the energy transmitted in real experience, in “face-to-face” interactions? For all these reasons, the videocall resurfaces as the balance point between the digital and the real, offering us as human as possible interactions without losing the benefits of remote communication.


According to the latest Eurostat annual survey on the use of ICTs, 63% of the population in the EU made Internet videocalls or calls during 2020, while a year earlier only 52% had done so, and 41% in 2018. The Spain National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) also registers an upward trend in Spain. In the last quarter of 2020, two out of every ten Spaniards called or “video called” using an Internet connection on a daily or almost daily basis; an increase of 30% compared to the same period in 2019. It’s more tha clear: the full potential of videocalls is being boosted in these times of COVID-19.


Videocalls: the “human face” of the digital economy

Following its success with the launch of TrustCloud VideoID, the most agile videocall-identification on the market, technology company TrustCloud appreciated the enormous potential videocalling has in the digital economy. Although we are getting used to automated processes, such as signing contracts by email or making transfers through apps, the presence of people in digital processes adds much more acceptance and trust on the part of the user, providing better results for the company. Likewise, these assisted transactions correct the accessibility barriers suffered by many users. This is the case of blind people, who have more obstacles to use a screen with autonomy, or all those elder who still do not have digital skills. Video agents could help them “navigate” the transaction, complete it successfully, and solve their difficulties on the spot.


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Remote working is one of the strategic functionalities offered by the use of video calling. Photo from Adobe Stock


In this sense, TrustCloud has created TrustCloud Transactional Room, the “perfect solution to promote a secure and humanized digital transformation, from everyone and for everyone”, as explained by Saioa Echebarria, CEO and CTO of the company. It is a secure video transaction orchestrator that enables a virtual space for live collaboration to complete electronic transactions, “in a much more humane and cooperative way than automated ones”, Echebarria clarifies. The use of video calling throughout the course of a transaction allows participants to interact and help each other “face to face”, as if they were doing it so in a real meeting. Thus, both the company and the client enjoy the empathy, confidence and company that the most mechanized processes do not provide.

By integrating the entire transaction in a single videocall, companies can unify and accelerate their dealings with clients in a single process. It is especially useful for advanced electronic signature procedures, which until now were completed by email. In addition, TrustCloud Transactional Room generates an extra security that minimizes fraud and identity theft, since it reveals and records at all times who is on the other side of the screen requesting, negotiating, consenting and signing the transaction.


How does TrustCloud Transactional Room work?

TrustCloud Transactional Room integrates several layers of security and functionality into a single “smart videocall”. The videocall can host any type of transaction or contractual meeting in its entirety, ensuring its security regardless of risk.


1 | CREATION OF THE MEETING · From the TrustCloud platform, the company creates the videocall session and issues the appointment and login information to the customer. The organization starting the videocall decides what date and time it starts, which users can access and what type of control each one can exercise over the transaction (who can sign and who cannot, who can manipulate and download the documents and who cannot, etc.). In the same way, data masking tools allow the organization to hide those data and fragments of documents that it prefers or must keep confidential.

2 | CLIENT VIDEO-IDENTIFICATION · Once the participants are gathered, the videocall executes a certified video identification of the guest user before proceeding to the rest of the transaction. With it, the user’s personal data, identity documents and other supporting documents are corroborated, authenticating his/her digital identity. In addition, the host users of the videocall can reinforce the authentication of the digital client with proof of life and live questions about his/her personal data.

3 | SECURITY MONITORING · During the session, artificial intelligence and biometric analysis detect if the user’s videocall is false, is being manipulated or is remotely controlled, while verifying that the person seen in the image is still the same as the one who has been video-identified.

4 | ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE · Once the negotiation is finished, the company directly enables the electronic signature channel for the client to formalize the agreement with the company. The videocall also makes it possible to see and record how the guest electronically signs the contract or document of agreement, being full proof of intentionality to avoid transactional repudiation.

5 | EVIDENCE · Once the signing ceremony is over, the company and the client can end the meeting and close the videocall session. The TrustCloud platform preserves all the evidences in a qualified way, whether of the video-identification, the electronic signature or the rest of the procedures. Thus, the company has all the guarantees of being able to reverse the burden of proof in possible legal disputes arising from the video transaction.


TrustCloud Transactional Room, in effect, guarantees all the levels of security that any digital transaction requires in a single, frictionless process. The identity of the client, its intentionality and the integrity of the transaction and related documents are certified on-the-fly, generating anti-repudiation evidence reinforced by the audiovisual recording and the back-office audit of the session.

“Our goal is to provide our clients with a digital space to enter into their contractual relationships, with a security and speed never seen before in the market”, says Echebarria. “What the current market demands are agile, simple, accessible digital transactions made up of the least number of processes possible, without losing security and that emotional intelligence, also human, that is scarce on the Internet”.


TrustCloud Transactional Room interface 2
Video transactions bring a lot of ease and confidence, making the users feel like they are interacting with people, not machines. Photo from Adobe Stock


Multisector solution to create community

More than a digital transaction engine, TrustCloud Transactional Room is conceived as a virtual meeting space to develop the most complex and risky transactions with all the guarantees. Therefore, it is a solution with great place in digital banking and insurance companies. Its transactions require high cybersecurity to prevent financial crimes and serious economic fraud, as well as a full knowledge of its clients by KYC regulations. TrustCloud Transactional Room is ideal for the opening of shared bank accounts, the signing of high-value mortgages, loans and maximum coverage policies, and the development of fully digital onboarding processes.

The car rental and finance industry can also find TrustCloud Transactional Room a very ingenious way to attract new clients. Buying or renting a car requires the client to go to the dealership to authenticate their identity, validate their driving license and prove their economic viability before getting behind the wheel. Now, the client can complete all these procedures from home through TrustCloud Transactional Room, while waiting for the vehicle to be sent to their home.

The bureaucracy with the Public Administrations and judicial processes can also streamline their digital procedures thanks to the “presence” and integrity that TrustCloud Transactional Room favors in every operation. It could even enable the signing of marriages between spouses who are in the distance. For the online gaming world, gambling houses could embed the virtual meeting “room” in their long-term games, such as a poker competition. Thus, gambling houses recreates the presence of a real game while checking that no minor takes the reins of one of the authorized players during the course of the game.

Echebarria believes that TrustCloud Transactional Room is the ultimate way for companies to cultivate a strong digital community with their clients. “It’s very simple; you stop seeing so much data and you start seeing human faces; that is the secret. Our technology puts people and human relationships at the center of the transaction”, clarifies Echebarria, who maintains that the very human user experience of TrustCloud Transactional Room improves relationships with digital clients, motivating them to follow and trust the company on their journey towards digital transformation.



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