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TrustCloud in NewLaw Summit 2024: A pivotal gathering for the future of the legal and fiscal sector

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TrustCloud | NewLaw Summit 2024: A pivotal gathering for the future of the legal and fiscal sector

Artificial Intelligence and other technological revolutions will play a fundamental role in the way legal and fiscal services are delivered, something that became evident during the two days of the NewLaw Summit 2024 held in Madrid, which saw the presence of TrustCloud.


adrid hosted the EMEA NewLaw Summit 2024 on April 10th and 11th, an event organized by PwC Tax & Legal in collaboration with El Confidencial and DigitalES, bringing together professionals from the legal and fiscal sector to analyze the impact of emerging technologies in their areas of work. As close collaborators of PwC Spain, which carried out impeccable organization, the TrustCloud team couldn’t miss an event of this magnitude in the capital city of Madrid. 

A stage for the latest trends 

The summit became a platform to discuss how artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data are transforming the landscape. Renowned experts shared their knowledge and experiences through panel discussions, exhibitions, and interactive sessions, on how these technologies can be used to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability for companies. 

AI, blockchain, and big data: protagonists of change 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), as a key tool for automating repetitive tasks, freeing professionals to focus on higher value-added activities, blockchain, a disruptive technology for managing smart contracts and data traceability, ensuring greater security and transparency in transactions, or big data, with experts analyzing how its use can enhance legal and fiscal analysis, enabling more informed and strategic decision-making, were some of the areas examined by the experts who participated in the event over its two-day duration. 

Legaltech and taxtech: cutting-edge solutions 

The event also dedicated space to explore the latest technological solutions (legaltech and taxtech). Participants were able to learn about the different tools available in the market and how they can be used to optimize their processes and enhance their clients’ experience. 

Spaces were also dedicated to reflecting on technological perspectives and substantial changes in the way professionals in these sectors work. The new skills that will be necessary for success in the future were analyzed, as well as the impact these technologies will have on employment demand. 

The role of the Public Administration 

The role of the Public Administration in the digital transformation of the legal and fiscal sector was also subject to debate. Initiatives underway to modernize public administration and how these initiatives can benefit companies and citizens were analyzed. 

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Introducing Identity Governance 

TrustCloud participated for the second consecutive year in this meeting. On this occasion, presenting Identity Governance, a comprehensive technological solution to facilitate the management and control of the lifecycle of notarial powers intuitively and effectively. Identity Governance integrates seamlessly and immediately into a company’s information systems, offering precise management and monitoring of the company’s governance identity. One of the most significant innovations we’ve incorporated into the solution is the application of our exclusive AICR technology, OCR reading enhanced with AI, which streamlines the extraction of information from all administrative documentation. 

Identity Governance ensures the legal security of companies in terms of compliance and regulatory control, thanks to a robust structure. 

  • Digitalized management of the powers lifecycle: automates the request for notarial powers and facilitates their tracking and control. 
  • Workflow integration with notaries: simplifies communication with notaries and streamlines signing processes. 
  • Standardization of powers: encodes the powers that can be granted through notarial powers to facilitate subsequent control. 
  • Total control of powers of attorney: allows searching for employees by power, managing requests, and ensuring digital and legal security. 

Identity Governance positions itself as a fundamental tool for companies seeking to optimize the management of their powers of attorney, improve legal security, and streamline legal processes. TrustCloud’s presence at the NewLaw Summit 2024 is a testament to its commitment to innovation and its dedication to offering cutting-edge technological solutions to the legal and fiscal sector. 

The NewLaw Summit 2024 was an inspiring event where participants could learn about the latest technologies, share best practices, and discuss the challenges of the legal industry in the midst of digital upheaval. 

Undoubtedly, we are at a turning point in the legal and fiscal sector, with summits like this laying the groundwork for a future where emerging technologies will play a fundamental role in how services are delivered. 

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