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How to strengthen digital onboarding and increase customer conversions with TrustCloud HelpMe

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TrustCloud | How to strengthen digital onboarding and increase customer conversions with TrustCloud HelpMe

Only 3 out of 20 people attempting to open an online bank account successfully complete the process. The HelpMe button seamlessly integrates into any strategy aimed at boosting conversion rates in digital onboarding. 


any users abandon digital onboarding processes due to technical issues or concerns about security and privacy protocols, resulting in financial losses and damage to the reputation of companies, banks, and fintechs. To prevent these consequences, TrustCloud has developed HelpMe: a solution that prevents the loss of potential customers. 

The HelpMe button is an exclusive feature of TrustCloud, easily accessible to the user and which integrates into the interface of any company. During an automated onboarding or account opening process, the interested party can click the icon reading “HelpMe” and, in just moments, be redirected to the TrustCloud video center, where an agent will assist them in completing the registration in real-time and with all the security guarantees. The ultimate goal of onboarding improvement tactics is to ensure that every user who starts a process sees it through to completion, and thus, becomes a customer. To increase conversion rates today, contact our specialists here and discover all the advantages of HelpMe. 

Achievement of the highest possible percentage of account openings 

The financial sector, specifically, faces a significant challenge: an average conversion rate of only 15%. In other words, the abandonment rate can rise to 85%. This percentage is a wake-up call for the industry, signaling a high level of attrition and frustration among potential customers. 

The reasons for this high abandonment rate are many and worthy of in-depth analysis: 

  • Complex processes and time commitment: Many banks require customers to complete extensive and detailed forms to open an account. This can be perceived as a significant time investment and is discouraging to many users. 
  • Excessive demand for information: When the company requests a great deal of personal information during the account opening process, many users tend to feel uncomfortable or concerned about the security of their data.  
  • Process flexibility limitations: The inability to complete the process at different times or through different means can be quite an obstacle. Users value flexibility and convenience in their online interactions, as well as being able to interrupt the process and resume it later. 
  • Passwords: The multiplicity of PINs and passwords can complicate the process and generate confusion for users. A simpler and unified experience will always be more appealing. 
  • Limited access to help: Either there is no immediate help available through any channel, or it is not intuitively accessible. HelpMe is a functionality that provides support at the exact moment and has very easy access. Through the following form, you can contact our experts, who will help you improve your onboarding and cut down on your financial losses. 

Design tactics that focus on the conversion rate 

A comprehensive strategy focused on improving customer conversion rates must consider a multitude of factors: 

  • Technical features: Addressing issues such as download speed and related factors will help prevent the user from abandoning the onboarding process. 
  • Usability: It plays a critical role in helping users find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 
  • Traffic management: Users must always be directed to the correct places on the site. If the user feels lost, the solution is to integrate the HelpMe button with the icon in a visible place. In seconds, a TrustCloud agent will take over the procedure and guide them step by step. If the user, after being assisted by an expert, wants to return to the unassisted mode and complete onboarding on their own, they can also do so. VideoID offers inter-modality transfer. 
  • Well-defined and efficient processes: Avoiding opaque or cumbersome procedures ensures that once the customer has been attracted and conversion achieved, the onboarding process and any additional actions are quick and straightforward. Strong support like VideoId is a valuable tool to achieve this goal. 
  • Approachable AML and KYC processes: Both traditional banks and neobanks still use outdated methods to verify information. In addition to having the proper technology (OCR with artificial intelligence, document analysis solutions, biometrics, deepfake detection, etc.), brands must be aware of how this process is presented to the customer to make it as clear and user-friendly as possible. TrustCloud’s video identification has multiple adjustable layers of security to meet the needs of any organization. 
  • Tailored service: Essential to reassure users, so trusting in HelpMe and the TrustCloud team is a safe bet. 

The solution easily integrates into security plans where detecting and stopping identity fraud is very important. 

HelpMe makes the end-user experience a priority, providing a level of familiarity that impersonal text chats on websites and apps, typically “serviced” by bots, cannot match. It increases customer conversion without causing unnecessary friction. Furthermore, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It contributes to strengthening brand image and trust in video identification. 

Contact our specialists for personalized advice and optimize the conversion rate by helping your clients complete the onboarding processes. 

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