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TrustCloud Wallet: empowering the user for full control of their identity credentials

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TrustCloud Wallet: empowering the user for full control of their identity credentials

TrustCloud designs its services with a focus on prioritising the protection of sensitive information, such as personal and financial data, at every point in a digital transaction. The principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability are at the core of all its solutions, as seen in the case of TrustCloud Wallet. 


s a Secure Digital Transaction Choreographer (SDTC) and a leading Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), TrustCloud has developed a project built upon a robust suite of services that encompass identity verification, encryption, digital signatures, electronic custody, and mobile identity wallets.  

This is TrustCloud Identity Wallet 

In short, TrustCloud Wallet is an innovative solution for digital identity management that simplifies secure storage of user credentials on mobile devices. It can encompass a variety of documents, from driver’s licenses to health and banking records. Leveraging mobile phone numbers as unique identifiers, it is designed for businesses across various sectors. 

TrustCloud Wallet provides a secure and convenient platform to safeguard key assets and personal information, ensuring privacy and security across various use cases and incorporating the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). 

Let’s explore the key aspects that make TrustCloud Wallet much more than a mere repository of identity credentials. 

  • Mobile phone number as identifier. Linking each wallet exclusively to a mobile phone number ensures unique authorized access. 
  • Decentralized control. Users have direct control over identity credentials, eliminating dependence on central entities (governments or authorities) for verification. 
  • Privacy protection. Minimizes the disclosure of personal data, using encryption to secure transactions and restrict access. 
  • Interoperability. Complies with digital identity standards, ensuring seamless integration with various services and platforms. 
  • Blockchain security. Utilizes blockchain for tamper-proof identity records and employs public key cryptography to guarantee the authenticity of stored information. 
  • Consent. Informs clearly and obtains explicit user consent before processing personal data. 
  • Versatility. Adaptable across diverse domains, offering flexible solutions for financial transactions and online service access. 
  • Emergency recovery. Implements robust mechanisms for identity recovery in emergency scenarios, addressing account or device loss. 

Building on this foundation, TrustCloud Wallet offers robust advantages, considering the everyday needs of the end user and aligning with the values of both public and private enterprises. 

  • Personalisation: Customize the interface to align with your organization’s branding. 
  • Security: State-of-the-art encryption to protect user data. 
  • Compliance: Adheres to international legal and regulatory standards. 
  • Simplicity: A user-friendly, 100% digital verification process. 
  • Flexibility: Applicable in both digital and physical realms. 
  • Versatility: Caters to a range of functionalities from payments to contract management. 
  • Password-Free Options: Innovative authentication methods including biometrics and OTPs (One Time Passwords). 

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Maximum versatility beyond the financial sector 

TrustCloud Wallet is more than just a solution; it’s a versatile enabler, adept at seamlessly integrating into various industries. This adaptability serves as a testament to its capability to address the unique challenges and requirements presented by each sector, providing tailored and efficient solutions that redefine the standards of digital identity management. 

  • Financial services. Streamlines onboarding and account opening with digital identities. 
  • Public administration. Facilitates secure data exchange between government services. 
  • Travel: Enhances efficiency in identity checks and travel procedures. 
  • Digital health. Access important health information or let health centres remind you of medical appointments. 
  • Cryptocurrencies. Provides a secure platform for cryptocurrency transactions.  
  • Gaming. Ensures age-appropriate access and enhances online gaming experiences. 

It also has a multitude of applications that make people’s daily lives more fluid. 

  • Access buildings. Identify yourself to access restricted public or private buildings. 
  • Speedy verification. Quickly verify your date of birth to subscribe to services or purchase age restricted consumer goods. 
  • Fees and tuition payments. Pay fees and tuition and apply for grants and scholarships. 
  • Job applications. Apply for a job and confirm that your profile is eligible. 
  • Access health information. Access important health information or allow health centers to remind you of medical appointments. 
  • Streamline procedures. Simplify paperwork when renting a car or checking into a hotel. 
  • Open a bank account. Thanks to your already stored and verified ID information, open a bank account in just a few steps. 
  • Apply for loans. Present all documents needed to apply for financing, extremely swiftly and safely. 
  • Sign deals and documents. Sign contracts and forms digitally and remotely. 
  • Online shopping. Buy items in an e-commerce with more security and in less time. 

Ease of use, biometric management and compliance 

Through the adoption of SSI, TrustCloud ensures users unprecedented control over their personal information. This empowers them to selectively disclose credentials and enjoy the advantages of a decentralized, secure, and user-centric approach to identity management.  Why SSI Integration is Important in TrustCloud Wallet? 

  • Reduced dependency. Less reliance on central entities reduces the risk of data breaches. 
  • Interoperability and portability. SSI promotes seamless use of digital identities across platforms. 
  • Global reach. SSI offers a universal, portable digital identity transcending geographical boundaries. 
  • Privacy regulation compliance. SSI aligns with data protection regulations like GDPR. 

TrustCloud’s identity wallet prioritizes user-friendliness, offering an intuitive digital experience. The seamless onboarding ensures a quick setup, guiding users through initial steps. The interface enables easy management of identity information, incorporating biometric authentication for secure yet convenient access.  

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