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Add Qualified Custody to your DocuSign workflows with TrustCloud Vault.

TrustCloud Vault

TrustCloud Vault shields your digital assets and files all evidence of your electronic transactions to shift the burden of proof in future legal proceedings.

TrustCloud Vault not only allows you to preserve your company’s digital assets in a qualified manner but also choreographs and collects electronic evidence during the process.

TrustCloud as Trusted Third Party

A Trusted Third Party, by law, enables parties in an electronic transaction to trust the secure storage or custody of their declarations of intention. It operates independently from the parties involved, maintaining impartiality and trust.

Communications with the Trusted Third Party require secure connections to guarantee data confidentiality. The service provides technical and legal security features to securely store digital assets.

TrustCloud Qualified Preservation

Through TrustCloud Vault, we provide your company with an electronic e-archarving cloud and a qualified conservation system, generating robust digital evidence to prove the integrity of electronic assets in custody. This evidence accredits the content of assets, including formats, file types, text, images, and multimedia content, on specific dates. With our qualified preservation service, if a party presents a digital asset as original, the evidence generated during the qualified custody allows for the corroboration that the content of the presented asset coincides with the one safeguarded by TrustCloud.

Advantages of TrustCloud
Qualified Preservation

Ensures the integrity of a digital asset and its content, date of generation, date of emission, etc.

All evidence generated during the custody process is recorded in a Certificate of Evidence signed by TrustCloud.

In order to obtain this evidence, TrustCloud Vault choreographs a series of last generation algorithms and proprietary technology of recognized international prestige.

TrustCloud acts as a Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation, ensuring its independence, security, credibility and quality at all times.

Legal Validity of TrustCloud’s
Qualified Custody Service

Compliance Documentation and Proof for Companies.

Companies have documentation obligations (e.g., retaining customer information for 10 years due to anti-money laundering regulations) or the need to prove compliance with their obligations (e.g., demonstrating that a contract had specific content or was signed on a certain date).

Unique Cryptographic Evidence Created.

Electronic documents are easily alterable. If a party holds its own documents and there is a technical possibility of modifying them, the evidence is not solid. The judge may deny probative effects to the document.

Valid Evidence by Default.

Qualified electronic custody creates legally valid evidence and shifts the burden of proof. The person denying the authenticity of the custodied document must prove it, which is nearly impossible.

TrustCloud: Judicial Trust.

Only an independent and impartial entity can ensure trust before a judge. TrustCloud is independent of the parties, impartial, and legally responsible for the service (Qualified Trust Service Provider).

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