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TrustCloud climbs to the highest level of the Spanish National Security Framework (ENS)

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The ENS High Level certificate demonstrates that the digital solutions company and its TrustCloud platform meet the highest security standards

TrustCloud, a leading company in making secure digital transactions between companies and users, has been accredited this September with the High Level of Spain’s National Security Framework (ENS), rising to the highest category of the National Cryptology Centre (CNN) cybersecurity standards. In this sense, TrustCloud grants all its systems the best availability, authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and traceability, whether they are “cloud” or those related to its services. With this rise to militarized security scenarios, TrustCloud seeks to nullify cyber threats and shield its TrustCloud platform, the global first secure digital transaction choreographer specialized in orchestration and E-custody.


Whats does National Security Framework (ENS) mean?

The National Security Framework is a model of the Spanish government specialized in the development of a security policy for the country’s Electronic Administration. As defined by Royal Decree 3/2010, of January 8, regulating it, this model serves to “create the necessary conditions of trust in the use of electronic media.” And not only to protect security, but also “the exercise of rights and the fulfillment of duties by these means”.

SGS Española de Control, leader, on its part, in quality supervision, has been the independent auditor that has recognized the work of TrustCloud supporting the cybersecurity of its clients. “This recognition demonstrates and reinforces our commitment to maximum trust in the Internet and the shielding of digital transactions between companies and clients,” says Saioa Echebarria, CEO and CTO of TrustCloud. This is a very generous year with the digital solutions company, as it has been awarded multiple quality seals during 2021, such as ISO27017, ISO27018, ISO27701, ISO22301 and SOC2, along with eIDAS compliance. “It is important to highlight all of them, because they demonstrate the team’s effort to generate solid, global and, first and foremost, real security” explains Alberto Angón, CISO of TrustCloud.

The company’s success also lies in the growing government interest in the QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider) industry, to which TrustCloud belongs. On May 7, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain made official the use of video identification for the remote issuance of digital certificates, after the experience obtained by Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, which used it temporarily and exceptionally because of the lockdown. With this latest regulation, TrustCloud provided its VideoCert service, a secure platform for video identification + digital certificates approved after a compliance report from AENOR.

Conversely, TrustCloud complies with a multitude of international standards of a state nature. The company has also received this year three conformity certifiticates with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), HIPAA (US Federal Medical Data Protection Act) and the FedRAMP program in the United States.


National security + humanist technology

The compendium of trust, rights and duties pursued by the National Security Framework is also the background of TrustCloud in its firm commitment to “technological humanism“, as Echebarria explains. Its TrustCloud platform is the key to a totally agile, secure and accessible digital transformation for companies, focusing on improving confidence in corproate E-services. A platform where the privacy of your data, the authenticity and the integrity of the transaction are guaranteed through the strictest technical and legal security measures, protecting your fundamental rights as people in trusted technology.



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