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Branddocs Intimate consent

Branddocs allows individuals to sign an a la carte contract for sexual relations when required by local regulations.

10 other countries have similar laws.

With the implementation in Spain of the Organic Law of Integral Guarantee of Sexual Freedom, known as the “Only yes is yes” law, “consent will only be understood to exist when it has been freely manifested through acts that, in view of the circumstances of the case, clearly express the will of the person”. All sexual conduct that falls outside this concept of “consent” will be considered aggression. Women are no longer required to prove violence or intimidation in the event of legal proceedings.

In Europe, 10 other countries have similar laws: Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Cyprus, Iceland, Belgium, Portugal and Greece.

Assists the interested parties in the entire process.

Branddocs offers a solution for drafting and signing a document that sets out the parameters of a sexual relationship before it takes place. The platform assists the interested parties in the entire process, from the drafting of the contract, with all points they wish to specify, to the verification of the identity of the parties involved along with a secure digital signature, which will be conveniently certified and safeguarded.

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