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Branddocs Embedded Onboarding

Integration of third-party tools into the Branddocs platform itself

Any large company or organization nowadays makes use of an extensive number of programs and software solutions, according to the needs of its growth. Branddocs can orchestrate all of these solutions and integrate them with its own platform, without compromising the user experience.

Unifying secure digital transactions

Branddocs’s choreographer capabilities are ideal for unifying secure digital transactions across groups of companies, between partners, and in merger and acquisition situations.

In the case of a bank that has outsourced its signature process, for example, Branddocs assists the customer throughout the entire process without the slightest friction. Once the document has been created, Branddocs VideoID is put in place to verify the user’s identity. All the information is then passed to the signature application, where the rubric is applied and stored in Vault.

Security is maximized

Infrastructure is reduced, security is maximized, and transactions are exceptionally convenient for customers and businesses.