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Branddocs Digital Asset Custody

Shielded protection and guaranteed traceability in any electronic transaction

TrustCloud records and safeguards all the digital assets present in a transaction, as well as all the information produced during the process, in a qualified and permanent way.

In the onboarding of an insurance policy

  • User identification is performed through TrustCloud VideoID, in assisted or automated mode.
  • The contract is signed electronically with TrustCloud Sign.
  • All assets generated in the process and constituting evidence (the user’s selfie and video, proof of life, documents provided, etc.) are collected in TrustCloud Vault.
  • Subsequently, the insurance company can provide information related to the policy or the user’s profile in any format. External files such as new contracts, amendments, payroll, etc., are uploaded and connected to the corresponding file.
  • A time stamp is applied to all these assets, from the beginning of the process to the end of all modifications. TrustCloud protects any action or slight change that occurs in any of the electronic transactions.

Neutral service, with no interest in the final

In the digital asset custody process, TrustCloud Vault acts as a Qualified Trust Service Provider, meaning it is a neutral service, with no interest in the final outcome of the transaction, being only an intermediary to ensure compliance with the agreements and the protection of the interests of both parties.